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The Trail Political Action Committee (TPAC) was founded as the first national non-partisan political action committee dedicated solely to championing responsible off-highway vehicle recreation on designated roads, trails, and areas on public lands through the electoral and legislative processes.
The TPAC tactical goal is to target key races using state-of-the art real-time analysis where there is a tough election and the pro-access candidate needs some extra support to help to defeat their opponent.
TPAC is needed to counter the anti-access special interests in Washington DC who have long ago figured that contributing to closure-oriented politicians is how they will accomplish their goal of restricting OHV access on federal lands.
TPAC is ready to stand in that political breach to stop the flow of anti-access politicians into the Capital. TPAC will work hard to reverse that trend so that pro-access legislators will exist as the majority in Congress and the White House.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shutdown on San Diego Radio Show - Get in the Game, Arbitrary Closures, and Deal on Wed?

As Congress and the White House continue to battle over a resolution to the government shutdown, TPAC believes they will come to a short-term resolution (sometime on Wednesday).  Political pressure continues to mount from a public that is disgusted with the whole mess including families who have had to cancel vacations to lands managed by the FS, BLM, or NPS.

The San Diego-based Bike Week Radio interviewed me on October 13, 2013 regarding the shutdown’s impact to OHV recreation.   The show is hosted by icons of the motorcycle industry and having them set aside some time to discuss off-road politics highlights just how much of an impact this closure is having on the recreation electorate.

If you have time, TPAC encourages you to listen to the show as the following topics were discussed: arbitrary nature of closures, casual users impacted, lack of closure-related information from agencies, permitted events and volunteer cleanups cancelled or postponed, impacts also to non-motorized user groups, need for Congress to reform the Anti-Deficiency Act, and importance of OHV voters to get involved in the 2014 midterm election.

Don Amador Bike Week Radio (Show # 70) interview is from 27:51 – 35:03

For those of you who are new supporters of TPAC, we will include a link from a Cycle News article about why OHV recreationists need to “Get into the Game.”

Cycle News “Get into the Game” Article


As we stated in the interview, the 2014 midterm elections are coming up next year and TPAC plans to continue our efforts to elect pro-trail candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.   If the shutdown cancelled your trip to an OHV event or impacted a family camping trip, feel free to make a “protest” donation to our 2014 midterm effort.

TPAC – Here is my “Protest” Donation


Thanks again for being engaged in the political process.



Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC

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