"All trail-access decisions are political decisions"

The Trail Political Action Committee (TPAC) was founded as the first national non-partisan political action committee dedicated solely to championing responsible off-highway vehicle recreation on designated roads, trails, and areas on public lands through the electoral and legislative processes.
The TPAC tactical goal is to target key races using state-of-the art real-time analysis where there is a tough election and the pro-access candidate needs some extra support to help to defeat their opponent.
TPAC is needed to counter the anti-access special interests in Washington DC who have long ago figured that contributing to closure-oriented politicians is how they will accomplish their goal of restricting OHV access on federal lands.
TPAC is ready to stand in that political breach to stop the flow of anti-access politicians into the Capital. TPAC will work hard to reverse that trend so that pro-access legislators will exist as the majority in Congress and the White House.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trail Hero 1-Day Fundraiser - Updated Donor List @ 3:30pm

Dear Trail Voter,

DONOR UPDATE: 3:30pm Pacific Coast Time

It is great to have new riders join the fight via the electoral process. As you know, the 2014 midterm election cycle has already started and the June 30th FEC filing deadline for PACs is today at midnight. TPAC has already been getting calls from pro-trail candidates asking us if we will be there for them in those tight races. I told them YES!

TPAC is running a 1-day fundraiser to restock our political war chest for the 2014 midterm elections. In the 2012 elections, TPAC fought battleground races in AZ, CA, CO, IN, KY, MN, MT, ND, NM, NV, OH, PA, VA, and WA. Those were key targeted battleground races for our pro-trail candidates who were engaged in fierce political fights.

You have constructed a strong foundation for TPAC. Using the momentum from the 2012 election, trail voters are well positioned to impact the next election.

With your support in the 2014 midterms, TPAC will continue to be the counterweight for our targeted pro-trail candidates against the anti-access political machine of the League of Conservation Voters, Earth Justice, Earth First!, and the Sierra Club.  

There is always a "political itch" in a 2nd Presidential term.   With your help that itch will be scratched by TPAC in the 2014 midterm (House/Senate) elections.


After you donate today, your support level will be noted by listing your first name, city, and state in one of the categories below. The list below will be updated periodically today as Trail Heroes, Champions, Advocates, and Supporters donate.

Trail Hero - $500 or more


Trail Champion - $200 to $499

John - Lakeside, CA
Jerry - Oakdale, CA


Trail Advocate - $100 - $199

Kirk - San Ramon, CA
Jesse - Fallon, NV


Trail Supporter - $25 - $99

Scott - Saint David, AZ
Scott – Mount Shasta, CA
Thomas – Oakley, CA

Your donation will inspire other trail users to be involved in the political process. In addition, it will send a message to our political opponents that trail voters "will be in the game" for 2014.


Donate Here


Thanks in advance for donating to our kickoff in the 2014 midterm election cycle!


Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC


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